12 Ways to Annoy Your Donors and Prospects (Part 1)

By Wayne Gurley
President & Creative Director

1.  Boring your donors and prospects with irrelevant, uninteresting copy

Next to your mailing list, your message or copy is the most important element of your direct mail package. There’s nothing worse than irrelevant or uninteresting copy.

One of the worst violations of this rule is using copy that’s too focused on the organization and not on its mission and the role of the donor. You must sufficiently make a strong case for why a gift is needed, and you must also include verbiage on what’s in it for the donor – like how their gift will help you accomplish your organization’s mission (which in reality is your donor’s mission).

Failure to achieve this will result in your donors being bored with your letter and dropping it in the “round” file.

Don’t ever forget:  A trash can is always nearby by when someone is opening their mail.

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