5 Best Methods to Measure the Effectiveness of a Fundraiser (Part 4)

By Sarah Tedesco, Guest Blogger
Executive Vice President of

4. Manage Your Mission

Perhaps the most important of all your fundraising aspects: determining your mission.

Despite the absolute importance of donors to the success of a fundraising campaign, you cannot properly focus on your donors without understanding the true focus of your organization’s mission.

“What are we all here for?” “What is our mission?” “What are we fighting for?”

If you cannot answer those questions, you cannot produce relevant content for your donors nor can you convince them that your organization is worthy of their support.

A little bit of nonprofit self-love will go a long way.

The foundation of your nonprofit should be your mission, not your donors. 

You need a solid, coherent, and powerful mission to garner the support of donors, corporations, and even your fellow colleagues.

Donors and missions are like two peas in a pod—one naturally accompanies the other. Operating a mission-focused fundraising organization attracts mission-hungry donors. 

Appealing to donors who are loyal and dedicated to your organization’s mission will reap wonderful benefits in both volunteer hours and financial gifts.

If your mission is not well-defined, you risk annoying your donors and prospects by sending them irrelevant content.

When evaluating your fundraising campaign for effectiveness, consider whether your funds for your mission had the intended impact you promoted.

If not, was it your communication strategy? Was your messaging clear and direct or superfluous and vague?

Was it the donors you targeted? Did you utilize your donor data to the best of your ability?

If yes, how can you best utilize this achievement to reach current and potential donors?

Never neglect the power of storytelling as a fundraising tool. 

Stories create an empathetic connection between the donor and the cause by making it personal. They can visualize and quantify the donor’s impact.

Sarah Tedesco is Executive Vice President of DonorSearch, a prospect research and wealth screening company that focuses on proven philanthropy. Sarah is responsible for managing the production and customer support department concerning client contract fulfillment, increasing retention rate and customer satisfaction. She collaborates with other team members on a variety of issues including sales, marketing and product development ideas.

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