12 Ways to Annoy Donors and Prospects (Part 10)

By Wayne Gurley
President & Creative Director

10:  Leaving your return address, web address and phone number off your reply slip.

(Sarcasm alert:) Believe it or not, some people don’t hang on to the deathless prose in your letter, or the carefully designed outside envelope with photo, graphic and teaser copy.

They often throw these pieces away after they’ve seen them, and only retain the reply slip.

Sometimes they toss the reply envelope or BRE, too. So if you don’t include your organization’s physical address on the reply slip, how will they know how to send it back to you?

If you don’t include your phone number or web address, how can they call or visit your site to get your physical address or instead make an online gift?

What if they have a question about your organization and there’s no way to contact you?

Make sure your pertinent information is on every piece in your direct mail package.  Every piece.

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