Direct Mail

More than a mail shop, Allegiant Direct, Inc., offers a full range of integrated direct marketing services - like strategy and consultation...results-oriented copy and design...list research and recommendations...and voice messaging. Not only do we help produce your mailing, we take the necessary steps to ensure its success. Every direct mail fundraising campaign includes...

* Program Development and Strategy
* Copy and Design
* List Rental (if needed)
* Precision Data Processing
* Mail Production
* Analysis and Reporting

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Creative Services

It's nice to win awards every now and then. But frankly, how well your marketing effort performs is the kind of award our creative team prefers.

Our copywriters and designers are highly specialized in the art and science of direct marketing and fundraising, bringing decades of experience to your project, giving it the individual and personalized attention it deserves.

Even though technology has dramatically changed the way copy and art is produced, one thing hasn't changed - and that's the creative process itself. Everything still begins in the mind of a seasoned direct marketing professional.

Precision Data Processing 

Not all data processing is created equal. There’s "down and dirty" DP. Then there’s Allegiant Direct’s PRECISION DP™.

With PRECISION DP™, you get the benefit of our 30 years of data processing experience. We’ve found it’s the "little things" that make the difference between a clean file and one that’s filled with errors. That’s why every job we do includes...

* Merge/Purge
* Address Standardization
* Priority Ranking
* Household merge/purge
* Use of a "sounds-alike" program
* Segmentation of customer/donor/prospect files by gift amount, recency, size and unique identifiers
* Variable paragraphs
* Segmentation strategies

Email Marketing

Today, email marketing is playing an ever-increasing role in successful fundraising efforts. At Allegiant Direct, we use email as "advance" messaging, alerting donors that a piece of mail is on its way, as a stand-alone message or follow-up. Used carefully and judiciously, email can cost-effectively expand the success horizons for fundraising organizations.

Donor Intelligence

Allegiant Direct’s new Donor Engagement Tool takes the guesswork out of mailing only to your best contributors. We call it "Donor Intelligence."

One of its features is the "Optimum Gift Ask." We combine predictive analysis with decades of proven fundraising tactics to build an appropriate, personalized ask strategy for each donor. Amounts are calculated to upgrade donors and improve retention.

The result is an increase in performance between 17% - 300+%.

Advance Voice Messaging

Most people open their mail over a trash can so they can throw away opened envelopes and toss out pieces of mail that do not interest them. With inexpensive "Advance Voice Messaging," you can alert donors and prospects beforehand that a letter is on its way. Doing this can actually boost your response anywhere from 25% - 580%.

Below are a few sample voice messages: