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40 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques and Secrets for Greater  Fundraising Success

Increase your nonprofit’s direct mail response...acquire more donors...and renew existing donors at a higher rate... by applying these principles developed by a direct mail veteran.  To get your report, email us at:

Optimum new donor cultivation plan

What's your strategy for cultivating donors within the first three months after they make their initial gift?  Our FREE REPORT provides ideas for reducing attrition and increasing net income 35% - 50%.  To get your report, email us at:

Why your donors aren’t YOUR DONORS

Are your donors “YOUR DONORS?  Not really.  They give to 7–10 different organizations.  Our FREE REPORT, “Why your donors aren’t YOUR DONORS,” will help you understand the limitations of their loyalty and what you can do to improve it.  Send contact info to: 

7 mistakes you probably are making with your grateful patient direct mail program...

If you mail to grateful patients, you could be making mistakes with list selection…patient age…discharge date…copy approach…and gift ask. Our FREE report, "The 7 mistakes you may be making with your grateful patient direct mail program" will fine-tune your program in minutes. To get your report, email your contact information to:

The 9 fatal flaws that kill healthcare direct mail response...

You may think any direct mail package will work. But lurking inside your mailing could be flaws that could lower response 50% - 75%.  Avoid these pitfalls and improve your results with this free report, "The 9 fatal flaws that kill healthcare direct mail response." For your copy, email us at: 

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10 ways to improve donor retention...

For most hospitals, donor retention rates are quite low, in the 30% - 40% range.  What can be done about this?  Plenty, according to our FREE report, "10 ways to improve donor retention." When you read it, you’ll learn why donors stop giving and what you can do to get them back.  To get your report, write us at: 

8 reasons your direct mail appeal didn't work...

If your last direct appeal performed poorly, there are likely good reasons – including audience, copy, graphics and your “ask.”  Our FREE report, "8 reasons your direct mail appeal didn’t work" shows how to make your next one better.  Get yours at:

Boost response 25% - 400% with Advance Voice Messaging...

Advance Voice Messaging gives you the opportunity to send a personalized message via phone to your target audience. When used in conjunction with direct mail, it can improve response rates by 25-400% or more when tested against direct mail alone.  It is the perfect solution to reach people and encourage their support and action. For more info, request our FREE report: