The 7 Critical Elements of Direct Mail (Part 6)

By: Wayne Gurley


Your budget is a critical factor in determining direct marketing success. Most budgetary issues are determined by the kinds of audiences an organization will be soliciting.

The lion’s share of a direct mail budget usually goes to prospecting. As a result, the cost of your prospect package is crucial. If you spend too much, you can damage your results, and along with it, your budget.

On the other hand, you don’t want to make your package look crummy, either – especially if you are the kind of organization known for quality services (like a hospital or medical center).

Stay away from pressure-sensitive or cheshire labels on a closed face envelope. It screams “JUNK MAIL!” And don’t use a pre-printed mailing indicia. Instead, use a live stamp or a meter imprint. Also, when using a closed face envelope, be sure to address it either with laser or high quality ink-jet imaging.

In fund raising, there’s a fine line between a quality image and a cheap one. You can make a package look so expensive that a prospect might feel you’d be wasting their money if they sent you a gift.

In this regard, stay away from fancy graphics and processes like gold or silver foil-stamping – unless you’re promoting a membership or giving club offer, in which case a little extra “flash” might be appropriate. Just be careful of the image you project.

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